Singapore’s casinos offer a luxurious gaming experience not found elsewhere in Asia. The world-class infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands is one of the most extravagant features on this beachfront resort and casino, while Resorts World Sentosa Casino has IGT as its premier provider for slot machines – making it popular among locals who enjoy playing these games competitively or simply basking under spectacular views from high above sea level!


The Genting Casinos are a series of casinos spread across South East Asia. The first one was founded in Malaysia, and now they’re present with more than 400 tables and 3000 gaming machines- it’s no wonder why this place is so popular! You can find some truly unique history when visiting these locations as well; not only do you get an opportunity to play your favourite games but also become part of something historic by being able up high at 1 860 meters above sea level.


The Genting Highlands is a cool respite from the sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur. It’s only 35 miles away, but you’ll be glad it wasn’t any closer when navigating through this lush green landscape with its stunning views offered by cable cars atop an iconic mountain range known as “the Olympus Range.” In addition – and I’m sure everyone wants something different in their vacation plans- Resorts World Genting also contains Malaysia’s first casino resort, which offers many amenities for guests who come here looking forward to fun without limits!

Malaysia is home to some of the most luxurious casinos in Asia, but they’re not all created equally. While Genting has a wide variety of attractions that will keep you coming back for more (and if their competitors are any indication), there’s one big downside: The lack of rivalry means workers here don’t always have an intense passion or desire which results in lamers performing at max ability compared with other resorts across town where competition fuels excellence – especially when it comes down job security! The stunning views make up, however; what this country lacks else can be found outside these grounds.


Macau is Asia’s premier gaming destination and home to one of the most renowned casino resorts anywhere in the world! It has been debated for years from Las Vegas as what surpasses them-Macao or even just plain old California? They most likely have a case in terms of sheer size with monetary gain. What you’ll find here, though, isn’t your typical brick & mortar location but instead an entire island dedicated solely to gambling; there isn’t anything else like Macau out there, so if your looking into travelling near one vacation spot, then consider coming over.

Whether you’re looking for a destination where the action never stops or want to be able to take it all in at once, Macau is your perfect getaway. Home of world-class resorts and casinos that will leave even onlookers’ mouths open with surprise… this tiny island has something no other place can offer: The opportunity to enjoy both high-stakes gambling and delicious food!

While Macau’s casino business has been slow in recent years, things are starting to pick up again with new spectacular venues opening their doors. Asia’s most popular gaming destination is still a great place for those looking to get their gambling on!


The Cambodian gambling industry is rising, thanks to several upcoming improvements. Land-based casinos in the Asia Pacific are expected to recover from Covid 19 outbreak first, according to experts within this sector who say that since opening Golden Crown Hotel & Casino near Poipet ( Cambodia) more than 15 years ago, Thailand has experienced an increased number visitors both local people or international travellers alike); It’s now home to several casino resorts, which range anywhere from large ones such as those found throughout Las Vegas’ Greater Macau Area all over mainland China – even into its special gaming district known simply enough.

Vietnam and Japan have a bright future ahead of them

The gaming landscape of Asia is changing, with five casinos already open and more coming soon to the Philippines. There are limits on where these resorts can be located, but people will travel outside those boundaries if they want their fix!

Vietnam is set to become Asia’s next major gaming hub, opening its casinos in late 2017. To attract foreign investors and bring domestic customers into this new market, it will be necessary for Vietnam’s markets as well as those from other countries who want access can gamble legally without travelling abroad or using black market dealers like many people do now when they visit Macau (which has been called “the Vegas of China”).

In Japan, Pachinko machines have taken the place of slots. However, it seems that this trend is not being repeated in other countries yet due to complicated gambling legislation within their borders, which makes them hesitant about embracing casino resorts like those found on certain islands near Awesome Las Vegas Boulevard!