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UN team devastated by deaths of 4 young environmentalists killed in Ethiopian Airlines crash

UN team

A group of four young Canadians hoping to modify the world were one of those killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash on the weekend, so leaving a”deep hole” in their United Nations group.

Over 11 Percent of Vancouver condos have a non-resident Proprietor, States Fresh CMHC report

Marijuana Condos 20181005

A fresh CMHC report states non-residents — described as someone who doesn’t have their principal home in Canada — likewise want to own newer, more expensive possessions.

‘We haven’t found Any Type of pest’:” Canada presses China over contaminated canola claims

Marie-Claude Bibeau

Canada’s recently appointed agriculture minister says the national government is pressing China to offer confirmation of its own claims that Canadian canola exports have been contaminated with harmful organisms.

Here are your Photographs of epic snowbanks across Quebec

Ann Kelly

CBC’s Breakaway requested its listeners for photographs of snow banks and those are the results.

Man shot nail gun reaches human rights Reimbursement by former employer

Nhlanhla Dlamini

A Nova Scotia man who stated he was assaulted by a nail gun and harassed on the job because he is shameful has reached a settlement with his former employer.

Harassment, sexual assault Amongst alleged misconduct by border agents investigated by CBSA

CBSA allegations

The Canada Border Services Agency researched 1,200 allegations against its own staff over a two and a half year period beginning in January 2016, including accusations of criminal association, excessive sex and sexual assault, records obtained by CBC News via an access to information request series.

Organized Labor lines up from Canada’s Position on Venezuela

Cda Venezuela 20190204

Organized labour in Canada is voicing its opposition to the choice to embrace Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido over Nicolas Maduro — that has been accused of human rights abuses’ plan of the \government and of winning the last election through vote-rigging.

Shaming of sexual assault survivor sparked X-Men, Axemen brawl, says player

Acadia v St fx

A participant and his trainer state the shaming of a sexual assault survivor is exactly what triggered an intense brawl involving the two Nova Scotia college men’s hockey teams during a game in Wolfville, N.S. on Saturday, however another group disputes that.

IBM not ruled out of the running for Potential Phoenix replacement

Jane Philpott, Feb. 4, 2019

From securing the contract to make a new judicial system for federal workers the business that set the trouble-prone Phoenix payroll process is not being disqualified.

Lima Group embraces Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido, calls on Army to Stop Maduro

Lima Group 20190204

The states of the Lima Group finished their meeting in Ottawa about the crisis in Venezuela today — proclaiming the South American country’s resistance leader and its own National Assembly as members of the multi-nation group whilst ruling out military intervention to end the humanitarian crisis gripping the oil-rich nation.

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