Canadas Bed Bug Capital is Toronto

The survey numbers are out. Toronto is officially the bed bug capital of Canada. According to a publication from Orkin the Canadian capital for most bed bug problems is Toronto.

We asked Pest Control Toronto The Exterminators for reasons why bed bugs have become such a problem in the city.
Population density, travel and old houses can be reasons for the record. It is not only Toronto but several urban areas around the city have taken up top lists.
Bed bugs can travel easily from host to host. They literally hitch a ride on their host and get from one space to another. They can be very resistant to the different treatments out there.
Bed bugs can be found in hotels, airplanes, trains, buses and/or cars. To prevent bringing them back into your living space you must do a very thorough check on before coming home. Check your luggage, clothing and other items for signs of the insects,.
If you do find bed bugs on any of your items it is a good idea for you to thoroughly wash and dry all items in the highest allowable heat setting. This will kill all insects as well as all eggs that you might be carrying.
Aside from Toronto other cities that reached the top 10 are:
• Toronto
• Winnipeg
• Vancouver
• St Johns
• Ottawa
• Scarborough
• Halifax
• Oshawa
• Sudbury
• Hamilton


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