Sask. Has 3rd greatest COVID-19 case speed in state; two additional deaths Monday

Covid Test ottawa national arts centre nac winter drive-thru coronavirus

There are 325 new cases Monday, and the province has now had a total of 47 deaths.

Local poetry anthology takes aim at toxic masculinity when helping raise money for women escaping violence

Feminine Grit

A new poetry anthology is investigating what it means to become femme or exude feminine qualities in a world charged with poisonous masculinity.

Why northeast Calgary Gets the unenviable position of Becoming the No. 1 Place at Alberta to Get COVID-19

Covid supermarket floor sign

When looking at the daily updates and amounts of COVID-19 instances in Alberta, there’s a theme that’s easy to spot — Calgary’s northeast has a critical problem.

B.C. report on anti-Indigenous racism from the health-care system to be Published Monday


An independent research into the degree of racism against indigenous people in the health-care method in B.C. is finished, and the findings are set to be released on Monday at 11 a.m. PT.

Senators ponder how far to Proceed to protect charter rights in assisted-dying bill

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Many senators are thinking how much they should go to guard the rights of Canadians searching access to medically assisted death, as they believe that a bill introduced to deliver the Liberal government’s regulation on the topic into compliance using a Quebec Superior Court ruling from last fall.

Vancouver mayor wants Indigenous leaders to Go Potential 2030 Olympic bid


Indigenous groups needed a voice in organizing and hosting the 2010 Olympic. However, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart has suggested any movement to bring another Games into the city ought to be headed by Indigenous leaders.

Coronavirus: What’s happening in Canada and around the world on Monday

Rapid Covid Testing

COVID-19 case numbers are continuing their gradual but steady rise across the majority of Atlantic Canada, where health officials and governmental leaders have lately stepped public health principles in an attempt to stave off a strong second wave of this novel coronavirus.

Here’s why everyone is putting up Christmas lights so early this Season

covid christmas

Your impulse to pull those Christmas decorations from storage a bit earlier this year may be about more than just the demand for holiday cheer in a difficult pandemic year, psychiatry professor states.

Freeland to Provide Liberal plan to Rekindle Canada’s post-pandemic economy Now

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The national government will launch its long-awaited fiscal update now — a spending plan to help Canadians cope with COVID-19 whilst simplifying the federal economy and crucial sectors battered by the worldwide crisis.

COVID-19 has sucked the Air from the Space on the climate Market


An essential disagreement more than tree planting, carbon pricing and building a low carbon market was delayed by the COVID-19 catastrophe.

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